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What clients have to say

"A great mentor and manager, he deserves major kudos for my professional growth [...]. In my twelve year corporate working experience, I have learned the most from Olivier in the shortest amount of time."

P.T., Emeryville, CA

"[Olivier] is a proven leader who does an amazing job of building and inspiring highly-engaged teams."

H.J., Palo Alto, CA

"Olivier was easy to work with and acted as a mentor in motivating me to develop professionally."

S.H., Emeryville, CA

"I hold the highest praise to Olivier for my growth, both professionally and personally."

A.N., Mountain View, CA

"Olivier has the exceptional ability to raise the collective intelligence of a room simply by asking excellent questions and inspiring thought. He is a tremendous leader, facilitator, and motivator all the while stepping back from the limelight and giving way for others to realize their potential."

M.S., Bend, OR

"[Olivier's] support and coaching have been instrumental to helping me grow in my career and become a better manager."

G.O., Mountain View, CA

"Olivier is best-in-class in terms of team-leadership, people-development and fostering great working relationships."

R.M., Las Vegas, NV

"He is a great coach, mentor and just an overall great person to work with. I highly recommend him."

I.V., Menlo Park, CA

"Olivier is an incredibly approachable, honest and savvy leadership coach. During my sessions with Olivier, I always felt that our conversations were truly confidential, and I felt safe to talk about the "real issues". With Olivier, there was never a need to sugarcoat or spin information. He has a true talent for digging into an organization and identifying opportunities for growth. Most importantly, Olivier is a genuine and passionate about his work which is absolutely critical for an outsider coming in and asking for your immediate trust."

K.G., Los Angeles, CA

"I was fortunate to benefit from a fairly intense coaching session with Olivier. At a time in my life when I was facing numerous changes in my personal life, my professional goals had also become quite blurry. With his deeply empathetic listening skills, Olivier allowed me to express myself in complete confidence. I was able to unload my fears in an environment where his compassion and support proved particularly comforting to me. Step by step, my ideas became clearer and I left the session feeling relieved, my confidence boosted, and feeling ready to engage with my career again - with more creativity. I warmly recommend Olivier for his listening skills, his tolerance and his respect for individual specificities. Olivier knows how to bring to light what makes us unique, while helping us to unveil our internal beauty."

M.C., Mountain View, CA

Industry Experience

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